Reviews on TripAdvisor

Great service, great atmosphere, very authentic, good food that is served with a smile! Highly recommend if you want a cool place to rest your legs from walking aroun the city and for a reasonable price, March 2016.

"Slice of San Francisco" is simply fantastic. Great service and4 29 atmosphere, and the food is incredible. Miriam brings more than just a slice of San Francisco to Copenhagen. She brings the best cheesecake I've ever had, not to mention the delicious burritos.

Start with the luxury burrito and finish with a slice of cheesecake (with the apple sauce) and you will not be disappointed. 

Slice of San Francisco is an absolute must in Copenhagen."

TripAdvisor, February 2016.

Reviews on Facebook

We found this cozy, bright cafe and absolutely loved it! The burritos are massive and delicious, the owner Miriam makes everything fresh herself and you can tell. We were so full after dinner that we didn't order cheesecake, but she bought us out a huge slice to try with her three sauces. Loved the blueberry rose, and cherry & cinnamon. It was the best cheesecake I've EVER had and she bought us another slice we loved it so much. Big hugs to thank the wonderful owner who is very passionate and a gorgeous person. Must try! Thank you so much Miriam xx

Facebook, June 2016.

Reviews on Yelp

I ordered the combo burrito, and it was both delicious and quite large, both things a burrito must be! We were thinking about ordering some cheesecake, because we had heard it was ranked as one of the best in Copenhagen, but before we could, Miriam brought out a slice for one of my friends birthday. 

After we had a taste, we had to order more, but we were again beaten to the punch, and Miriam brought out three more slices, with different toppings, I preferred the chili Apple. The cheesecake was amazing, and the service was absolutely unbeatable, a must if you're in Copenhagen,

Yelp, October 2016.