My Story

Meeting so many great people in this café and preparing food, doing what I do, has made me smile and feel a joy in new areas of my heart and soul that I never thought possible. I’m thriving more than ever in my life and it brings a smile to my face, every single day. I’ve also learned, that starting a café on my own and building it up can be filled with some very major challenges. Since many are aware of, this is a very tough and competitive business where you are apt to make mistakes in this unpredictable line of work, therefore navigating it in the right direction is very important. In both these aspects, there is one thing in common- I’ve really grown.

My personal belief is that things happen for a reason. Some things may find you in life and other times you look for them. The chain of events aren’t always controllable, but I have found that if you look at experiences of life from a larger perspective, that many times you can grow from them.

I’ve had a chain of events that has led to this café, Slice of San Francisco, located in the heart of Copenhagen. It’s a business that for me has been like raising a very small child who is growing based on a foundation of becoming wiser, stronger, good hearted, successful and independent. That’s how I see this café. I have also the same wishes for my three amazing children, Bianca, Dominique and Dimitri, ages 25, 23 and 17 but also myself, and luckily all is going in the right direction. Maybe that is one of the reasons that the Danish newspaper Politiken has named me ‘Mamma Miriam’ in their review of the café, is it an even bigger picture than what was mentioned in the article? Smile!

I looked for, founded and opened this café 7 years ago for a number of reasons. My main reason is love for good food based on original recipes that are delicious, different and enticing. My personal recipe for cheesecake, my main product is where the name Slice of San Francisco comes from. A SLICE of homemade, delicious, creamy Original New York cheesecake with a unique crust and that has fresh and exciting choice of sauces served on the side. The feedback from people all over the world who have tasted this cheesecake has been amazing. It is my specialty and has over the past three years become one of the top desserts in Copenhagen. I’ve been baking these cakes for over 30 years and am so proud of this product, where I really can see its growth potential and what it could be! The beauty of the Mexican food on the menu is part of my heritage- my mother is Mexican. Lots of good vibes in this place with good food, music and a mix of languages- English, Danish and Spanish makes this a very special place;).

Also, a true passion for cooking and the urge to create something unique that has meaning for me are also important factors of why I decided to take the leap and start this business.

On a much more personal note, one of the chain of events that had found me was having survived a life threatening illness. Needing to build up my life again after having been challenged with breast cancer more than once in my life, I found how important it is to live life to the fullest. After several years, I slowly learned to not be afraid to grow, even though every day challenges can be overwhelming. I have rebuilt so many areas of my life through very hard work that has resulted in a person who truly loves life, this café and those around me, more than ever.

When I create my recipes, its something that I can feel comes from my heart as well as my soul. My intuition and sharpened senses are the forefront of determining what goes on the menu where I can feel the sensation of the development of the recipes all the way to my fingertips. Navigating this exciting yet fragile process, I love to experiment with different ingredients and my goal is as much as possible, to create food that isn’t found anywhere else. I combine different ingredients from different places on the food spectrum where I can feel I break my own boundaries, come out of my safe zone and grow. This makes it the best job I could ever ask for, especially when the visualization of what I try to achieve succeeds!

I have lived in Denmark for 28 years and was married to a Dane for 18 years. Finding my life again here in Denmark was another chain of events that gave me the urge to create something from my own heritage, Mexican/American, here in Copenhagen. I needed to find my home again here in Denmark and this place has helped me do so. The concept, food, atmosphere, service and smile all come from San Francisco, just like the owner! Now I have landed in my life, am so happy and have the best of both worlds!

Though still hard work, I am so very grateful to my absolutely amazing customers who have made this café the great place that it is! Thank you for making this dream of 25 years come true. I hope that coming to this café will fulfill your wishes for delicious food and a very pleasant experience.....thank you for helping me make this place grow!

From the bottom of my heart, Miri Nielsen/Owner and very Happy Woman @Slice of San Francisco Café & Take- Away